Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Team Riders for West Coast Lites

We would like to take a minute to recognize a couple of our newest riders for the Magik SC Team for 2010; #592 Jake Canada and #592 Tyson Burmesiter. Both So Cal natives on Kawasaki bikes, watch for these two riders battle amongst some of the greatest talent on the West Coast. We would like to wish them the best of luck and most important have fun!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Graphics Section on

There has been alot of people asking if we make graphics for all the different makes and models cause no one can find graphics in our graphic sections... Well that cause we have not been able to upload and update our graphic products. We have been going like crazy trying to keep up with all the orders and have not been able to work on the website very much. What do you do if you want graphics but aren't sure what we have? Simple, just take a look at our photo gallery because 90% of the graphics you see inside we have available. We make graphics for just about every make and model and if we don't have a template for your unique ride, we'll make them (at no expense to you)!

The Land Down Under

Damien from Australia hit us up with a replica request for his new Pitster Pro LXR Race Pit bike. Damien knew what he wanted for a base idea and then let us run with the rest of the design. We understood the look he wanted and went with it. We liked how everything turned out but most important Damien was stoked. Damien your bike looks great! Thanks