Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Yamaha WR 250X Supermoto

Yamaha broke the model with this bike IMO and it seems to really be a popular bike because we are getting contacted from tons of different places from the UK to Hawaii for graphics for these bikes. So we just wanted to post up a few images of our latest Customers bikes.

Black and Yellow Throwback Graphic kit with some mixed in Carbon Fiber print. Also this X has one of our new 2 tone full gripper custom seat covers.

Graffiti Stunter down in Hawaii, this bike has it all! Its ok to stop and stare, Shawn isn't afraid to put on a show for you.

Kustom Tattoo Kit...Tattoos mean many different things for those that have them and so it was with this order. We were asked to create a kit full of tattoo art, so we did our best and worked in some of the meaningful tattoos that are found on the rider of this WR 250X

From the Land Down Under

Just thought we'd post up one of latest kustom looks for a rider in Autrailia, Tom aka Sloggy. Tom is among the few that push the limits of Freestyle MX and he wanted his style to show it. We worked long and hard with him on this and the outcome shows the kustom "in you're face" style that is Freestyle MX