Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Yamaha WR 250X Supermoto

Yamaha broke the model with this bike IMO and it seems to really be a popular bike because we are getting contacted from tons of different places from the UK to Hawaii for graphics for these bikes. So we just wanted to post up a few images of our latest Customers bikes.

Black and Yellow Throwback Graphic kit with some mixed in Carbon Fiber print. Also this X has one of our new 2 tone full gripper custom seat covers.

Graffiti Stunter down in Hawaii, this bike has it all! Its ok to stop and stare, Shawn isn't afraid to put on a show for you.

Kustom Tattoo Kit...Tattoos mean many different things for those that have them and so it was with this order. We were asked to create a kit full of tattoo art, so we did our best and worked in some of the meaningful tattoos that are found on the rider of this WR 250X

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